Tutorial Links:

Level design documentationThis has guides on how to do just about everything
SplashDamage tutorials indexList of tutorials on SD forums and other sites
Surface level editing shackRange of comprehensive tutorials for nubs.
Q3map2 shader manualEverything the compiler knows about shaders. See here for shadar params!
SplashDamage forums SearchThis search engine can usualy find the answer
Marko tutorialsVis optimization tutorials and prefabs
Links on a clans forumsHuge list. Partialy in german.
Ifurita's siteTutorials, prefabs and stuff.
Quake 3 workshopQ3 mapping, works for ET too.
Spyjuice TutorialsGreat tutorials, with example files
Drakir's Map LairSome tutorials, some prefabs, good site.
Bubba's CastleTutorials, awesome prefabs
Simland articlesAdvanced shader tutorials and stuff
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